Fourth grade, along with the rest of elementary at PCK, is using GoMath! for our curriculum. If your student is in honors math they will be using Big Ideas. In the first weeks of school, your student will receive a login for GoMath! and will be able to access helpful tools to practice skills at home.

Honors Math:

Visit Big Ideas Math for additional resources

GOMath! website: GoMath!


Open Go Math 5 Answer Keys

Here is a GOMath! video for parents and students showing how to get to the Personal Math Trainer (sometimes assigned as homework), and how to print homework pages from the website if your student forgets their workbook:

Printing Homework Assignments

Open Go Math Quick Guide - Printing Workbook Pages.pptx

Online Homework Assignments

Open Go Math Quick Guide - Online Homework Assignments ‎(Personal Math Trainer)‎

Make-Up Work: In class video

Open Go Math Quick Guide - Makeup Work.pptx